Louisa Collins

Year of Call: 2004

Louisa Collins is a barrister specialising in extradition, international crime and human rights law. Louisa is ranked in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 for her extradition work.

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"Louisa is a total pleasure to work with and is well liked by clients. She is a diligent and fearless advocate with vast experience in extradition at all levels."

Chambers & Partners, 2023 & 2022

"A solid and knowledgeable extradition barrister who is able to get very good results in difficult cases."

Chambers & Partners, 2023 & 2022

"A robust advocate who is a good tactician, expert at drafting impressive advices and skeleton arguments. She has a wide range of knowledge of different jurisdictions. A highly persuasive advocate."

Chambers & Partners, 2021

"She provides very clear advice and is very impressive."

Chambers & Partners, 2019


Louisa is a barrister specialising in extradition, international crime and human rights law.  Louisa has been ranked in Chambers and Partners since 2017 and is recognised as a Band 1 leader in the field of extradition. Louisa is also ranked in the Legal 500 for her work in international crime and extradition.

"Exceptional client handling skills and very impressive written arguments."

Chambers & Partners, 2018

"Louisa is a stalwart of the extradition Bar. A knowledgeable practitioner and a forceful advocate who is well liked by both solicitors and clients."

The Legal 500, 2023

“Louisa Collins is exceptionally able. She is a tireless worker, who is highly efficient and a very skilful advocate.”

Chambers & Partners 2024.

‘Louisa effectively identifies the most effective arguments in her client's case and deploys them incredibly effectively.’

The Legal 500 2024.

"Louisa is very approachable and a formidable advocate, well-respected by the judiciary and colleagues alike."

The Legal 500, 2023

Louisa is recognised for her hard work ethic, her ability to handle complex and sensitive cases and also her approachability.

"Very persuasive and very knowledgeable, she's firm in her approach when necessary."

Chambers & Partners, 2017

“Louisa's written arguments in particular impress due to the depth of his knowledge.”

Chambers & Partners 2024.

"Louisa is an advocate who instinctively and persuasively compels the court to agree with her. She is also fantastic with vulnerable clients and has an deep awareness of the nuances of communication."

The Legal 500, 2022 & 2021

"Her skeletons are just so professional and she is one of those people that when she goes before a judge she commands the respect of all the judges there."

Chambers & Partners, 2017

Professional Panel Appointments:

  • Attorney General's Panel of Counsel: B Panel.
  • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) General Crime panel: Level 2.
  • Specialist Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Extradition panel: Level 3.

Extradition & International

Louisa is an experienced and established specialist extradition barrister, acting both on behalf of requesting foreign governments and requested persons. She has been practicing in this area of the law since 2008 and has a breadth of experience in numerous complex cases and has a record of success in matters concerning vulnerable individuals. She works tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients and is noted for her approachability and hard work ethic.

‘Extremely experienced and a pleasure to work with.’

The Legal 500 2019.

‘Brings tranquillity to high-pressure cases.’

The Legal 500 2020.

Louisa’s practice involves advising and providing representation throughout all stages of the extradition process. She has a busy appellate workload and has made applications to the ECHR and dealt with ancillary proceedings, including judicial review. Louisa also regularly advises individuals and judicial authorities regarding the preparation of extradition requests made to this jurisdiction from other countries.

Recent instructions have involved a number of Part 2 jurisdictions (Moldova, Armenia, USA, India, UAE, Switzerland and Nigeria) and the full spectrum of countries under the EAW system.

Louisa has dealt with numerous extradition requests issued against individuals wanted in the US. She has dealt with both Federal and State requests at first instance and on appeal.

She has represented requested persons facing US requests and also appeared on behalf of the US Government. This means she in in the advantageous position of being familiar with the procedures adopted by the CPS in connection with the US Department of Justice in pursuing an extradition request. This knowledge and experience is invaluable when advising requested persons facing an Interpol Red Notice or extradition request from the USA.

Prior to specialising in extradition, Louisa’s practice was principally in white collar financial crime, which provides her with an insight and understanding in connection with fraud, business crime and related matters in the context of extradition.

Louisa is experienced in raising forum arguments in extradition cases, an argument that features frequently in the context of US matters and has also advised on outgoing (import) extradition requests from the US.

Louisa has experience in challenging INTERPOL Red Notices, has assisted in negotiating prisoner transfer arrangements and has coordinated successful s21B interview requests.


Judicial Review & Public Law

Louisa has appeared before the Administrative Court in a number of judicial review matters arising out of extradition proceedings before the magistrates’ court, and in writs for habeus corpus.


Louisa accepts immigration instructions and her extensive experience in international human rights’ and extradition work, means that she is ideally placed to advise in relation to most immigration cases.

She is ideally placed to advise in cases with linked extradition proceedings.

Professional Memberships

  • Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum.
  • Extradition Lawyers Association.

Cases of Note

Bazys & Besan v Lithuania [2022] EWHC 1094 (Admin)

Nemeth, Lakatos & Horvath v Hungary [2022] EWHC 273 (Admin)

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Leading case on prison conditions in Moldova and breaches to Article 3 ECHR

Taranenco v Romania [2020] EWHC 1198 (Admin)

USA v Leach

Accusation request raising issues concerning the validity of the request, dual criminality, Article 5 and Article 3.

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Civil commitment, Article 5

USA v Giese [2015] EWHC 3658 (Admin)

Assurances, civil commitment, mental disorder, Article 5 ECHR.

USA v Brenner

Accusation request raising Article 5 issues.

USA v Mitchell

Accusation requests raising issues under Article 5, Article 3, double jeopardy, abuse of process and Article 8.

Surovy v Slovakia [2019] EWHC 1309 (Admin)

Proportionality, exceptional circumstances under Crim PD XI para.50A.4.

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s12A, charging decisions.

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Time served.

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Dual criminality.

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Article 8.

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Fresh evidence, mental health, Article 8.

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Delay & proportionality.

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Young offenders, Article 8.

Kemp v Spain [2016] EWHC 69 (Admin)

Credit for time served, curfews and proportionality.