We would like to congratulate 5SAH and its members for their successes in Chambers and Partners 2018 Edition.

Team Rankings:

Congratulations to our team of POCA and Asset Forfeiture barristers who continue to be ranked as Band 2 department within this specialist field.

Well done to our Criminal team, who continue to be ranked as a Band 4 department within the guide.

Newly ranked barristers:

We congratulate Gary Pons, who is now ranked as a Band 3 barrister within the field of POCA and Asset Forfeiture.  Gary continues to be ranked within the field of Crime as a Band 5 expert at the London Bar.

Well done to David Williams who has been ranked as Up and Coming within the field of Extradition at the London Bar. 

Barristers who continue to be ranked by the guide:


POCA and Asset Forfeiture

Andrew Bird continues to be recognised as a star individual within this field.  James Fletcher continued his banding as a top-ranked Band 1 barrister and James Dennison was confirmed in his ranking as a Band 3 individual. Gary Pons now joins the ranked individuals and is recognised as a Band 3 expert.


Our success for our criminal team continues.   Christopher May, who leads the Criminal Team at 5SAH continues to be ranked as a Band 6 leader and Gary Pons remains a Band 5.  

John Warrington continues to be ranked as a Band 5 leader and Dominic Connolly also continues to be recognised as a Band 4 leader in the field of crime.

Mark Cotter Q.C. is now listed under the new silks section after taking silk this year.  

Financial Crime

David Stern remains as a Band 3 leader, Jenny Goldring continues her ranking as a Band 4 leading barrister and Edmund Burge also continues to be recognised as a Band 4 leading barrister.


David Josse Q.C. continues to be ranked as a Band 2 silk.

Ben Keith continues to be listed as top-ranked Band 1, Natasha Draycott and Rebecca Hill also remain ranked as Band 2 leading barristers. Gemma Lindfield and Louisa Collins continue to be ranked as Band 3 leading individuals.

David Williams joins this success with his 'Up and Coming' ranking.

Congratulations to all the teams and individuals listed in the 2018 UK Bar Guide.