Our specialist team of settlement barristers use their alternative dispute resolution techniques and skills in order to achieve the best possible settlement for often high profile clients.

Settlement Counsel has been involved in some of the largest insurance coverage cases, often with experienced international law firms acting for corporate policyholders, including the World Trade Center dispute, BP/Amoco, Exxon Valdez, Teck and many others.

Settlement Counsel: Insurance & Mediation

Settlement Counsel was formed in 2000 as part of a worldwide dispute resolution group with a specialist insurance recovery practice assisting international corporate policyholders to maximise their insurance assets.

To date, well in excess of a billion pounds has been recovered in the London Insurance Market and through global insurance carriers by using sophisticated, cost-effective dispute resolution techniques, including negotiated settlements, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Insurance Recovery Practice

Settlement Counsel are barristers who specialise in acting for policyholders worldwide in order to maximise their London Market Insurance recoveries. Policyholders have recovered more than a billion dollars in claim settlements negotiated by Settlement Counsel.

Settlement Counsel Barristers do act directly for policyholders but will also often be retained by law firms requiring specialist London Market expertise and/or counsel with rights of audience. Adding the weight of a London Market specialist barrister at the right moment in negotiation can often be the difference between settling a claim or having a dispute continue to run on to potentially expensive litigation.


Settlement Counsel Barristers can offer a range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) solutions for companies that would like advice on the best way to maximise (or minimise) the financial and other impacts of the dispute. As barristers with ADR experience they are well placed to advise the best route to take whether it be settlement or litigation.

Mediation facilities:

Our fully equipped seminar and meeting room facilities are available for external hire for the purposes of mediation/negotiations and arbitration. Please contact seminars@5sah.co.uk

Please contact our Chambers Director or any of our mediators to discuss the most cost-effective solution.