This afternoon a team of experts will give evidence to MPs on the fairness of private prosecutions. 

5SAH drafted the CBA (Criminal Bar Association) response to the Justice Committee inquiry into the fairness of private prosecutions. The CBA Response to the Justice Committee on Private Prosecutions: Safeguards.

The submissions were drafted by Kevin Dent QC, Edmund Burge QC, Andrew Bird, Sarah Wood and John McNamara from the 5SAH Business Crime Team

The response from the CBA will be taken into account when the Justice Committee review all submissions and evidence before them when determining the fairness of private prosecutions and what safeguards, if any, need to be implemented.  

The Justice Committee inquiry follows a request from the Criminal Cases Review Commission. 

The Commission asked it to review the circumstances and safeguards of private prosecutions where the prosecuting and investigating organisation is also the alleged victim in the case, as in the example of the recent prosecutions of Post Office workers by the Post Office. Lawyers, accountants and academics will appear before the Committee.

5SAH has been a market leader in private prosecution work for a number of years. Our specialist barristers have been instructed in some of the recent leading cases in this area. 

We offer a team of expert barristers who undertake work in this area and have significant knowledge of all aspects of pursuing a private prosecution from the advisory stage and throughout the case.