Ben Keith appeared on Sky News on 22 February 2020, commenting on the latest in the Julian Assange case.  You can view the clip on our LinkedIn page here.

He was also quoted in Le Monde newspaper on 24 February 2020: 

The trial promises to be extraordinary: in addition to the five days of hearings initially scheduled, the judge responsible for examining the file has scheduled three additional weeks in May. 

“It is extremely long for an extradition hearing. Most last one day and the most complex between 5 and 8 days, ” notes Ben Keith, a British lawyer specializing in these procedures and vice-president of the Defense Extradition Lawyers Forum.

You can view the original article in Le Monde here and click 'translate' to view in English.

Ben Keith has previously written about the Assange case and has featured in the Times and on the BBC News in April 2019. 

Ben Keith is a leading specialist in Extradition and International Crime. As well as dealing with Immigration, Serious Fraud, and Public law. He has extensive experience of appellate proceedings before the Administrative and Divisional Courts, Criminal and Civil Court of Appeal as well as applications and appeals to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and United Nations.