In a recent case John McNamara had the CPS drop charges of coercive controlling behaviour and stalking putting a person in fear of violence.

The allegations were that the Defendant had been controlling during his relationship of many years with his partner and following their break up stalked the complainant, putting her in fear of violence. Independent witnesses statements showed evidence of the complainant's  change in mood and her daily life during the relationship. The prosecution relied on abusive text messages allegedly from the Defendant to the complainant.

Following various disclosure requests and hearings relating to medical records, counselling records and social services records of the complainant as well as a s78 PACE argument in relation to the phone evidence the prosecution reviewed the case.

The prosecution offered a section 2 harassment charge. The Defendant was sentenced to time served.

John was instructed by Bianca St. Prix of Hodge Jones and Allen solicitors

John is a barrister practising in criminal law and all related areas. He is building a strong Crown Court practice representing defendants charged with a variety of serious criminal matters including fraud, money laundering, violence and sexual offences.