John Oliver celebrates success in two sentencing matters.

Following a trial where the L had been indicted with a count of section 18 GBH she was subsequently convicted on section 20 GBH. A sentence imposed by the Crown Court of 28 months for section 20 GBH was reduced on appeal to the Court of Appeal to 20 months. John made submissions regarding L's diagnosis of ADHD.

John also represented Christof King, the stalker of Christine Lampard in a case which has received attention from the national press reports can be found here and here. The Judge had indicated that immediate custody was being considered but following John's mitigation, including submissions about King's delusional disorder the judge imposed  9 months suspended. 

John specialises in crime and extradition. John has particular experience in cases involving drugs, sexual offences (including historic allegations), serious violence and dishonesty. 

He has an interest in cases involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses and has been instructed in cases involving the use of intermediaries to assist defendants with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those with mental health conditions.