Chris May was recently instructed to prosecute Anthony Hutchings at Canterbury Crown Court.  

This was a case in which the jury convicted the defendant for an extremely violent rape. He was sentenced to a total term of 20 years': 16 years custodial plus 4 years extended licence, after the judge ruled he poses a serious risk to other women.

Investigating officer DC Heather Moore said: 

“Hutchings is a violent man who put his victims through hours of misery and pain. He is clearly a danger to women and these aggressive outbursts are inexcusable. 

“This has been difficult for the victims who have endured a trial on top of their ordeal.”

This case was reported in the KentOnline on 9 February 2018, the full article can be viewed here.

Chris is a heavyweight criminal barrister instructed in some of the most serious, and often high profile criminal cases either as the leading junior or sole advocate. 

Chris is ranked in Chambers and Partners as a leader in the field of crime at the London Bar. Chris is the head of the Criminal Team at 5SAH and he is the Senior of the Kent Bar Mess.