Welcome to our 5SAH Family, Children & International Family Law Team June update.  The newsletter features articles and podcasts from our team of expert family law barristers.

The team of family law barristers at 5SAH has specialist expertise in all areas of family law with a strong emphasis on practical advice, effective court advocacy and a focus at all times, on the outcome for the client.

The update features the following articles and podcast:

  • Family Law Finances – Application to set aside a consent Financial Order: HW v WW [2021] EWFC B20: Maria Scotland for Lexis Nexis.
  • G v G: When Conventions CollideMark Smith.
  • Guidance on the approach to applications under section 10A of POCA 2002—civil rules and the family home (R v Forte)Joe O'Leary.
  • Listen: A Question of Law Podcast: An Insight into Domestic Abuse & Related LawsGemma Lindfield.
  • The scope of the court’s powers to set aside a financial order (CB v EB): Maria Scotland for Lexis Nexis.

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