Oliver Kirk


Year of Higher Rights: 2009

Oliver Kirk is an experienced criminal advocate, instructed in complex and serious criminal cases.

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Oliver is an experienced criminal advocate. He represents clients in the most serious and complex criminal cases.
Prior to being called to the Bar, Oliver was a solicitor for 22 years and a Higher Courts Advocate for the last 10. As a result, Oliver has gained a wealth of experience that means he is ideally placed to advise solicitors on case preparation in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.
Oliver is currently instructed in a multi-handed money laundering, a large scale drug importation and offences of serious violence.

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Oliver is a very experienced criminal advocate with a record of dealing with all manner of serious allegations. 

Cases of Note

In the Crown Court:

R v M and Ors (Operation Distal) - 2019

Second on an indictment alleging car ringing and money laundering. Hove Crown Court. (Not guilty).

R v H and Ors (Operation Shirin) - 2018

Led junior - Second on indictment alleging facilitation of illegal immigration and money laundering. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v B - 2018

Allegation of S18 where the assault had resulted in catastrophic brain damage to the victim. Canterbury Crown Court. (Not guilty).

R v Z - 2018

Allegation of assisting unlawful immigration. Canterbury Crown Court.

R v A - 2018

Allegation of “County Lines” supply of Class A drugs. Canterbury Crown Court. (Not guilty).

R v M - 2017

Intervening in confiscation proceedings on behalf of an estranged wife. Canterbury Crown Court. Successfully submitted that the entire proceedings were an abuse of process (including those against the husband).

R v H - 2017

Allegation of theft of hire cars being brought to the UK through Dover. Canterbury Crown Court. (Not guilty).

R v V - 2016

Allegation of importation of 10kg cocaine by an HGV driver. Canterbury Crown Court (Not guilty).

R v DV and Ors - 2015

Multi-handed conspiracy to import 5kg of cocaine into the United Kingdom. Maidstone Crown Court (Not guilty -half time submission).

R v H and Ors - 2014

Multi-handed conspiracy to evade duty. Represented an HGV driver. Maidstone Crown Court (Not guilty).

In the Court of Appeal:

R v G

Appeal against sentence for robbery for a Youth.

R v C

Appeal against sentence for supply of class A drugs for an 18 year old.

R v W

Appeal against sentence of 9 years for violent robbery in the home.