Oliver Kirk discusses his role as a criminal barrister, his career path into criminal law, and everything in between. Hosted by James Constable and Olivia Duncan from BP Collins as part of The Criminal Maze Podcast.

The criminal justice system can seem like a maze for those looking in from the outside. Even individuals working within the system may not be fully aware of what others within it are actually responsible for.

In The Criminal Maze Podcast, we delve into the criminal justice system, untangle the web of its roles, and uncover how each person would interact with someone unfortunate to find themselves being processed through the system.

Oliver Kirk is an experienced criminal advocate. He represents clients in the most serious and complex criminal cases. Prior to being called to the Bar, Oliver was a solicitor for 22 years and a Higher Courts Advocate for the last 10. As a result, Oliver has gained a wealth of experience that means he is ideally placed to advise solicitors on case preparation in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.