John Crawford

Year of Call: 2016

A specialist in criminal and extradition work with additional experience of acting in family and regulatory cases.

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John has a growing practice in all areas of criminal law, and has been instructed in cases of robbery, rape, sexual assault and burglary. He has appeared in numerous cases involving youths, and is familiar with the additional issues and particular vulnerabilities that often arise when dealing with young clients.

John’s extradition practice includes both part 1 and part 2 warrants, including requests from the United States and Albania. He has particular experience in relation to s2 arguments on the legality of warrants, as well as under s25 in relation to requested persons’ health.

John has advised private and legally aided clients in relation to various areas of family law and appeared in both the County Court and the High Court in contested hearings.

His regulatory work has included acting in a number of regulatory matters ranging from health and safety prosecutions to cases concerning illegal felling on behalf of the Forestry Commission.

These are the views of some of the solicitors who have instructed John:

‘His diligence; ability to quickly grasp facts and the law, as well as to act appropriately for our clients is impressive’

‘an easy and effective manner in his advocacy skills. He has a smooth style of delivery, measured in his speech and carefully chooses his words.’

‘Mr Crawford has been efficient in his paperwork, diligent in his preparation of cases and has always maintained good contact throughout his involvement in cases’

Professional panel appointments

  • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Grade 2 Prosecutor.
  • CPS Specialist Prosecutor: Extradition Grade 1.

Additional information


  • BPTC: University of Law: Outstanding.
  • BA Law (Cantab): Cambridge: First.


  • Gray’s Inn Reid Scholarship.
  • University of Law Employment Law award (BPTC).
  • Lamb Building Advanced Criminal Procedure award (BPTC).
  • Ng Law award (Jesus College Cambridge).

Professional Memberships

  • Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum.
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association.

Criminal Defence

John has been instructed in a range of Crown Court and Magistrates Court matters for the defence. He has been instructed in cases involving vulnerable witnesses and issues relating to insanity and fitness to plea. He has also acted on behalf of clients facing a range of violent, drug related or fraud charges either at trial or for sentencing.

John has developed expertise in serious youth court cases, representing youths accused of rape, sexual assault, robbery and fraud. This has included a five-handed youth case heard over 5 non-consecutive days, where the Defendants were accused of attempted robbery on a joint enterprise basis. He also represented an 11-year-old accused of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault in a 3-day trial, obtaining an acquittal on the main charge and ultimately securing a non-custodial sentence for the client.

John also has experience of dealing with POCA proceedings included contested hearings. He has also dealt with other post-conviction matters including applications for football banning orders.

Criminal Prosecutions

John is regularly instructed to prosecute in the Crown Court in the whole range of criminal cases. John is a Grade 2 Prosecutor for the CPS and is a Grade 1 Specialist Prosecutor in Extradition. John’s prosecution work has included successfully prosecuting an affray trial lasting 6 days and including 10 live prosecution witnesses. He has been instructed in applications for account freezing orders as well as cash forfeiture hearings for the Police and the NCA, and has also prosecuted contested POCA hearings.

John has a variety of experience in disclosure matters, having been instructed multiple times as a disclosure officer in private prosecutions and conducted LLP reviews on behalf of the Metropolitan Police. He has also been instructed as a disclosure junior in a large county lines case and was responsible for reviewing numerous phone downloads.

In addition, John frequently acts for local authorities in relation to a range of criminal prosecutions relating to housing and planning law and enforcement. This includes prosecuting cases in the Crown court and Magistrates Court on their behalf as well as pre-charge advice on cases. John has also been instructed in a number of private prosecutions relating to fraud and associated offences.

Private Prosecutions

John has experience in conducting various stages of a private prosecution. He has acted as a disclosure officer to review material to comply with initial disclosure obligations, as well as being instructed in numerous trademark and fraud prosecutions from first appearances through to sentencing hearings.

Extradition & International

In Extradition, John has been instructed in both Part 1 and Part 2 cases. He is regularly instructed both in the Magistrates Court and on appeal to the High Court. John has acted in numerous cases where a certificate for counsel has been granted, which have involved arguments relating to prison conditions, the requested person’s mental health, and the validity of the EAW under s2, as well as complex Article 8 cases.

John’s appeal work has included permission hearings before the High Court as well as full appeal hearings before both the High Court and the Divisional Court. He has successfully drafted applications for certification of points of law of general public importance to allow appeals to the Supreme Court.

Family, Children & International Family

John’s family work has included appearing for both the applicant and respondent in applications for non-molestation orders, child arrangement orders and prohibited steps orders. He has also gained experience in conducting contested and non-contested disclosure hearings in relation to police material, in both the County Court and the High Court. He has experience of care proceedings, having conducted numerous interim hearings.

Professional Discipline & Regulatory

John has been involved in cases concerning a number of regulatory matters. This has included a prosecution on behalf of the Forestry Commission, as well as extensive experience of breach of trademark offences.

John has also been involved in prosecutions on behalf of local authorities for breaches of health and safety at work regulations, HMO conditions and licensing cases. This has included drafting advices for clients' pre-charge as well as representation at trial.

Cases of Note


Zelenko v Prosecutor General’s Office Latvia [2019] EWHC 3840

Administrative Court case successfully appealing against the decision of the DJ that extradition was not barred by reason of the Requested Person’s health under s25 EA 2003. Relying on the CPT report on Lativa it was successfully argued that the principals in Magiera v Poland [2017] EWHC 2757 applied, Latvia was unable to provide adequate assurances, leading to the client’s discharge.

Murin v Czech Republic [2018] EWHC 1532 (Admin)

Divisional court case concerning the legality of a warrant under s2 where the RP was sought prior to a suspended sentence being activated. Two points of law of public importance were certified.


R v RM (2018)

Youth Court case where the Defendant, an 11y.o boy, faced 3 charges of a rape, attempted rape and sexual assault against a 12y.o boy. D was acquitted on count 1 and convicted on count 2 but received a non-custodial sentence.

R v TR (2019)

A combined sentencing for 3 Crown Court cases where the Defendant ultimately pleaded to offences of s20, PWITS class B and x2 possession of bladed article along with other matters. Following numerous psychiatric reports and a 3 hour sentencing hearing, a sentence totalling 2y 10m was imposed.


CFC v LA (2019)

A licencing case arising out of an investigation into s18 GBH. Appearing on behalf of the Local Authority John successfully argued against the premises being allowed to keep their licence in a 2 day hearing.