Nuptial Agreements Post-Radmacher: Tips & Practical Tricks

Watch Maria Scotland and Stephanie Coker for our 45-minute Family law lunchtime webinar, presented on 15 December 2022.

Looking at the key tips and practical tricks:

  • The 2010 Supreme Court guidance in Radmacher, relating to nuptial agreements.
  • Considering the 17 High Court & Court of Appeal judgments in the years post-Radmacher (2010 - 2022) where one of the factors is a nuptial agreement.
  • In 75% of the 17 cases: the court did not uphold the nuptial agreement.
  • The reasons why nuptial agreements were upheld or not, the judgments/ awards and look for guidance for practitioners.
  • The implication on drafting nuptial agreements and dealing with cases where there is one.

Aimed at:

  • Practitioners and those advising clients relating to nuptial agreements: drafting guidance & tips discussed.
  • Live Q&A session.

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