Watch Uncovering and Mitigating Complex Financial Schemes Post CumEx Webinar, which took place on 29 April 2021.

Repercussions from CumEx trading. Expanding “failure to prevent” legislation. Regulators increasingly using data analytics in industrywide sweeps to uncover misconduct: What are the implications for financial institutions and their lawyers?

As financial schemes continuously innovate to reap maximum rewards, David Stern, specialist white-collar barrister at 5SAH Chambers along with compliance, internal investigations and data analytics experts, Julia Arbery, Annabel Kerley and Joshua Dennis, from global advisory firm StoneTurn explain how to stay one step ahead and successfully deter misconduct and mitigate regulatory compliance risk.

This joint webinar focused on the history of CumEx trading, as well as the latest rapidly evolving financial schemes and “failure to prevent” tax evasion requirements. The panelists will unravel complex frauds and explain proven measures to limit the practice, including data analytics, strong internal controls, and compliance program enhancement.