Maria Scotland speaks to Hatti Suvari about divorce (Part 2) via the Get Legally Speaking Podcast. Tune in to discover more about what is meant by the ‘finances of the marriage’ in a divorce, what 'Ancillary Relief' means, why it’s imperative that the finances of the marriage are settled before completing the divorce process and so much more....

The pandemic has seen divorce applications skyrocket, with the Citizen’s Advice reporting a huge spike in those searching online for help and support. Whilst we may focus on the emotional side of a relationship breakdown, for many, the financial side of the split is incredibly significant and something that needs to take priority when it comes to the legal dissolution of a marriage. 
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Maria Scotland practices exclusively in family law with a specialism in high-end/big money financial remedy applications and (private law) children work. She accepts instructions to act through a solicitor or directly from members of the public on a Direct Access basis. Maria is the joint head of the Family Team at 5SAH Chambers and is regularly instructed on cases involving high assets and liabilities.