Meeno Kaur Chawla was invited to celebrate Vaisakhi at 10 Downing Street amongst other individuals. 

"This was an opportunity to bring the Sikh community together and celebrate the contributions made by Sikhs in the UK. The reception involved a speech by the Prime Minister, hymns sung by students from Nishkam school and meeting fellow attendees. It was a true testament of the rich values and heritage of Sikhism.

Vaisakhi is the Sikh festival marked as a cherished harvest festival for the people of Northern India. Outside its agricultural significance, Vaisakhi holds a spiritual importance, marking the formation of the Khalsa by tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. On that day, the Khalsa Panth was introduced where five individuals were baptized known as the Panj Piyare (beloved five) who played a vital role in shaping Sikhism.

Vaisakhi represents the birth of the Sikh identity. Vaisakhi is celebrated by gathering at the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship), where hymns and prayers are performed."

Meeno prosecutes and defends in a wide range of criminal cases. She has a growing practice in Extradition, Proceeds of Crime and related areas and also accepts instructions in regulatory and family proceedings. Meeno is regularly instructed by the Insolvency Service to prosecute individuals and company directors for fraud, reusing the company name after insolvency, and failing to keep company records, amongst other offences. Meeno is on the CPS General Crime Advocate Panel at level 2. 

Meeno supports pro-bono work and has recently completed working on a case for Advocate and was awarded their Pupil Pledge Pro-Bono Award. This highlights her commitment to access to justice.