In the last month John McNamara has secured two acquittals for young people facing serious charges.

John represented Z who was just 18 years old at the time of a stabbing. The prosecution asserted that Z had attended the property of a drug dealer and stabbed him in the back after he made threats to a 14-year-old co-defendant over a drug debt. The trial was a 3 handed case, and the first and second defendants ran a cutthroat defence, blaming Z for the stabbing. Z gave evidence stating he could not recall having a knife with him and was unable to explain how the complainant suffered his injuries, including a “defensive” wound to the hand and a stab wound to the back. John’s client was found not guilty.

Instructed by Laura O’Brien at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors.

In a further trial, John represented X who just 14 years old and was accused of aiding and abetting a rape. The matter was a 4 handed case – all the defendants were alleged to have had sexual contact with the complainant. Following extensive disclosure requests and a challenge to the charging decision in a letter of representations, the matter proceeded to trial. During cross-examination the complainant did not wish to continue. The prosecution offered no evidence.

John successfully argued against a non-conviction restraining order being imposed.

Instructed by Moorique Newman at Lawrence & Co Solicitors.

John’s principal area of practice is defending individuals facing criminal allegations. He defends in the most serious cases including cases of violence, sexual allegations, firearms and organised crime. Instructing solicitors have observed that John goes the extra mile in cases involving young and vulnerable people. He places great importance on caring for the lay client throughout their case.