John McNamara successfully defended an 18 year old of good character who allegedly attempted to cause s18 GBH against an undercover police officer. The officer was part of a gang task force deployed to prevent violence between two rival gangs.

The incident was caught on CCTV. The prosecution alleged this showed the attack. The 12 inch zombie knife was recovered discarded close to the site of the arrest.

John sought an expert report which diagnosed the Defendant was likely to be suffering with PTSD at the relevant time. The Defendant denied intending to cause any harm to the undercover officer and stated he’d been attacked moments earlier. He had wrested the knife from his attackers.

The jury acquitted the Defendant of being in possession of an offensive weapon, attempting to cause GBH with intent and attempting to cause wounding.

John was instructed by Darrell Ennis-Gayle at Hodge Jones and Allen solicitors.

John is a barrister building a strong practice in defending individuals in the Crown Court, including violence offences with young and vulnerable defendants.