John was instructed on a certificate for counsel to represent Z, a 16 year old who faced 11 charges of robbery and theft.  Z was accused of carrying out a series of organised robberies on taxi drivers and school children. This would often involve individuals being escorted to cash points to make withdrawals.

Before trial the CPS dropped 4 charges. Z entered pleas to two robbery charges. During the 5 day trial John made a successful half time submission resulting in 4 charges, including the most serious robbery charges, being dismissed. Z was convicted after trial of a single theft offence. Z had committed the offences while subject to a YRO.

John persuaded the court not to impose a custodial sentence. Z received a 12 month YRO with ISS. Two of the other defendants received a custodial sentence of 18 months.

John also objected to the prosecution application for a Criminal Behaviour Order asserting that the circumstances in which the application was made were unlawful. The court agreed and the prosecution withdrew the application for all defendants.

John was instructed by Moorique Newman of Lawrence & Co Solicitors.

John is a barrister practising in criminal law and all related areas. He is building a practice representing defendants charged with a variety of serious criminal matters including fraud, money laundering, violence and sexual offences. Instructing solicitors have observed that John goes the extra mile in cases involving young and vulnerable people. He places great importance on caring for the lay client throughout their case.