Chris May recently prosecuted 3 gang members who posed as Police Officers in order to gain access to a city banker's 'dream home' in Sevenoaks, Kent. The men used a vehicle disguised as a police car and got out wearing Police-branded high-vis jackets.

City banker Thomas Hogh let the men in and they were joined by masked accomplices. One of the gang members was wielding a fake sawn-off shotgun and the family feared for their safety

Thomas' wife hit a panic alarm and the siren sent the robbers running. The 3 men fled the scene. 

Judge Julian Smith, sitting at Maidstone Crown Court, told Nicholas Hamill, 35, Joseph Mezen, 28, and Ronnie Mead, 30, that they were involved in a 'determined and detailed' robbery plot motivated by substantial rewards. 

He added the fact it was frustrated only by the quick-thinking of the homeowner did not diminish their intent, and that the prospect of what might have otherwise happened was 'chilling'.

You can read the Metro's coverage of the case here and the coverage from the KentOnline here.

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