Paul Valder recently prosecuted Dion Williams at Maidstone Crown Court for the possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition.
Mr Williams, was accused of sourcing and supplying the Colt 0.455mm calibre pistol, described by Judge Adele Williams as being in "good working order and capable of discharging lethal force". Following his trial, the jury found Mr Williams guilty of the two offences and he was given the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. 
Mr Williams sourced the prohibited pistol and 49 bullets for fellow criminal, Spencer Tapper, who had already pleaded guilty to various firearms offences alongside 3 others in February last year.  Mr Tapper had been arrested following a surveillance operation when armed Police stopped and searched two vehicles on the M2 motorway and found the gun and ammunition in the boot of one of the cars. 

"Your intention was to supply the gun and ammunition to Tapper for use in crime in this way."

"You were a major player in this enterprise. This was a professional crime. You are a ruthless, highly manipulative and arrogant man without conscience."

Judge Adele Williams' sentencing remarks.

Mr Williams fled to Spain following the arrest of Mr Tapper and was later arrested when he returned to the UK in September last year. He had also committed the offences while on licence from a 10-year jail term imposed in 2009 for various crimes.
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