John successfully defended an 18 year old of good character in the Youth Court. John’s client crossed the age threshold due to delay in the proceedings. The young person faced one charge of section 20 GBH and one charge of attempted s18 GBH. The prosecution alleged that John’s client, along with a co-defendant, had used bottles to wound one of the complainants before kicking and punching a heavily pregnant woman while making threats to the unborn baby. John’s client stated that they had acted in self-defence, and had never tried to attack the pregnant woman. There were three eye-witnesses to the incident.

John was granted a certificate for counsel for the 4 day trial. At the close of the prosecution case, and after careful cross-examination, John successfully made a written and oral submission of no case to answer against the attempted s18 GBH charge. Following the defence case and speeches John’s client was acquitted of the remaining section 20 GBH charge. The co-defendant was convicted of attempted s18 GBH.
John was instructed by Moorique Newman of Lawrence & Co Solicitors.
John is a barrister practising in criminal law and all related areas. He is building a strong Crown Court practice representing defendants charged with a variety of serious criminal matters including fraud, firearms, grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

Instructing solicitors have observed that John goes the extra mile in cases involving young and vulnerable people. He places great importance on caring for the lay client throughout their case whether they are a business professional or a vulnerable person.