Mr Paul Valder prosecutes Lukas Piatek at Maidstone Crown Court for the rape of a vulnerable female student.   

In February 2015, Lukas Piatek had posed as a good samaritan offering a mother and daughter a lift home outside a nightclub in Kent.  CCTV outside the nightclub showed the 19-year-old student had collapsed in the street before she was helped into the car by Piatek.  She was drunk and incapacitated in the back of his car. When Piatek pulled up the Mother's house to drop all the passengers off, he drove off with the 19-year-old still in the back of his car and raped her in the back of his car in a nearby car park.

The mother immediately called the Police and Lukas Piatek and her daughter were found around 2 hours later.

Paul Valder, prosecuting, said the young woman had very little memory of what had happened to her, other than waking up to find herself on the back seat, squashed against a rear window and a man pressed up against her.

Sentencing him to 10 years' in prison, Judge Adele Williams said he had 'opportunistically' taken advantage of a drunk, vulnerable girl and caused her family anguish and distress.

She said: 'It is plain in my judgement that you targeted her. She was asleep and completely insensible in the back of the car.

'You have caused her immense harm and psychological trauma which I have no doubt will live with her for a considerable period of time.

'I have read a victim personal statement which makes it plain the exact amount of trauma she has undergone.

'I have no doubt that you also caused her family immense distress and psychological harm. Before she was found, their anguish must have been considerable.

'You did this by your own selfish and callous actions. I have seen and heard you give evidence and you are in my judgement an arrogant and selfish young man.'

The court heard Piatek was convicted of extortion of a public official in Poland in 2014 and given eight months' imprisonment suspended for three years.

He was also cautioned for soliciting a prostitute in 2006.

Paul Valder is an experienced barrister who prosecutes and defends crime at all levels.