David (Harry) Hewitt prosecutes brothers Kenny and Liam Burke, from Bexley, jailed for horrific glass attack at Crush nightclub in Dartford.

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A clubber who was out at Crush nightclub in Dartford, suffered a "horrendous" wound to his face after he was attacked by two brothers over a trivial matter.

Sean Terry, the victim, suffered a horrific injury to his face, running from his eyebrow to his chin, and needing 52 stitches following the attack.  During the trial, the judge ruled that the jury should not be shown the photo of the injury, as it was deemed too "inflammatory."

David (Harry) Hewitt prosecuted the case at Maidstone Crown Court where Kenny Burke, 23, was jailed for nine years and Liam Burke, 27, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

The judge branded it an “appalling criminal offence”.

David (Harry) Hewitt specialises in prosecuting and defending heavyweight financial crime cases.  Harry has an eye for detail and in particular in being able to analyse complex accounting material.  Harry is able to make a jury, judge or tribunal understand complex financial and accounting cases with ease, and it is something he is renowned for at the Bar.