Chris May successfully prosecuted a man described as a “dangerous paedophile” who was targeting adolescent girls online and inciting them into sexual activity including asphyxiating themselves while he saved the images onto his computer and then distributed them online through an international file-sharing site.

Robert Sinclair, a retired city banker, was sentenced to a total of 12 years imprisonment at Guildford Crown Court on 16th June 2014. The offences which he admitted included blackmailing one of the girls for more images by threatening to send those he already had to her mother and sister; and perverting the course of justice by trying to persuade another girl to delete their messages.

In addition to numerous offences involving his online activities, he also sexually assaulted a 9 year old girl who he followed as she walked home one lunchtime after he had finished playing a round of golf at Epsom golf course. He had a fetish for necks and strangulation. He had invented a complicated system of multiple false identities of teenagers in order to lend credibility to his online personae.”

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