Date: Thursday 1st December 2011
Speakers: Harry Hewitt, James Fletcher

Event Overview

Harry Hewitt and James Fletcher gave a talk at a Proceeds of Crime conference on Thursday 1 December 2011. They spoke about piercing the corporate veil and tainted gifts and included scenarios for the delegates to work through. The conference was organised by the Met Police Money Laundering Investigation Team. It was attended by over 80 financial investigators from across the UK and from a wide variety of organisations including SOCA, HMRC, DWP, DEFRA, Guernsey Customs, London Boroughs and County Councils, the Gambling Commission, Ireland Environment Association and many others. Jon Butterwick, a Financial Investigator with the Organised Crime Division of the BTP said: "The presentation on piercing the corporate veil and tainted gifts was particularly relevant and I learnt a lot".