T v G EWHC 246 (Fam)

Following the Court of Appeal’s decision to set aside an order for the return of a child from England to America under the 1980 Hague Convention, the father’s application was remitted to court for determination.

Niamh Wilkie writes for Family Law Week on the case of T v G EWHC 246 (Fam) [2024]. 

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Niamh Wilkie practices exclusively in family law. Prior to joining the Bar in England, she worked as a Barrister and in other legal disciplines in the Republic of Ireland, the Middle East, and the USA. She holds a specialist qualification in international arbitration. Niamh is also qualified to accept direct access instructions.

Niamh is noted for her firm and direct approach in court. She maintains strong communication with solicitors and clients and provides a very personable approach to clients whilst maintaining a professional tenacity towards opponents.