Welcome to our 5SAH Business Crime & Proceeds of Crime Update. 

Featuring the following articles videos and podcasts from our barristers who are experts in the field of Business Crime and Proceeds of Crime work:

  • What happens when assets are tainted: financial remedies v confiscation proceedings revisited - Sarah Wood for FLJ:  Sarah Wood writes for Family Law Journal - [2021] FAM LAW 1064.
  • R v Moore, Parker v FCA – Constructive Trusts in Confiscation Proceedings: Gary Pons and Anna Leathem.
  • The Court of Appeal receives evidence in order to vary a confiscation order (London Borough of Barnet v K): Gary Pons examines the recent case for Lexis Nexis PSL.
  • Watch: Reacting to Restraint Orders & Assets Held Overseas: Presented by: Andrew Bird QC, Barnaby Hone & Aidan Larkin, from Asset Reality.
  • Listen: Get Legally Speaking Podcast - Gary Pons on Financial Crime, Account Forfeiture & Freezing Orders: Gary Pons speaks to Hatti Suvari about Financial Crime, Account Forfeiture, and Freezing Orders.

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