On 16 June 2021, our panel of experts presented a discussion on the different responses to Restraint Orders which cover assets outside of the UK

The panel looked at the range of responses to restraint orders in relation to international assets. This included looking at repatriation orders, and orders that are recognised in other jurisdictions.

Examining how these can be challenged and how they can be complied with, without the asset being repatriated. The panel also discussed a number of tricky case studies, to show how the law works in practice.


  • Andrew Bird QC and Barnaby Hone, barristers from 5SAH Chambers and experts in relation to all aspects of Proceeds of Crime law.
  • Aidan Larkin, from Asset Reality, an expert in asset management and how assets can be managed in and outside the UK in a way that is acceptable to the prosecution and the defence.