The first of our two-part POCA Webinar Series took place on Wednesday 19 May 2021 via zoom.

The webinar was presented by Gary Pons and Sarah Wood, experts in relation to POCA and the cross-over into related Family law proceedings.

5SAH POCA Webinar Series - Part 1 - Topics & Discussions covered:

  • Providing insight into the practical and legal issues that arise when there are contemporaneous POCA and financial proceedings in the family courts. 
  • An overview of the case-law regarding which set of proceedings should take priority, considering the merits and practical issues of a spouse making a POCA section 10A application in the confiscation proceedings and, on the other side of the equation, the role of the CPS as an intervener in the family proceedings. 
  • Discussing the most recent case-law surrounding section 10A applications and tainted gifts, and provide practical guidance as to the best way to approach cases of this nature.
Live Q&A's taken throughout.