Don Ramble speaks to KMFM News about the need to invest in our Criminal Justice System. He explains that the problems within the Criminal Justice System began before the pandemic, and court closures, under-funding, and backlogs of cases, pre-date the issues being caused by the coronavirus pandemic:

"There is currently a record backlog of criminal trials and that's about 58,000 as far as crown court cases are concerned, but also on the eve of Covid there were over 40,000 Crown court cases waiting to be heard.

"This isn't a case of as soon as the coronavirus hits the backlog begins - the backlog began many years ago."

Listen to Don Ramble's interview in full here, which also features as part of a larger article in Kent Online: This is why there are so many court case delays, as law professionals call for rethink of justice system amidst Covid-19 backlog - which you can read in full here.

Don Ramble is a specialist prosecution barrister with 20 years’ experience in the criminal courts. He has acted as disclosure counsel in some of the highest-profile criminal trials in recent years, establishing himself as an expert in the field. His reputation and knowledge sees him called upon regularly to advise on disclosure issues in large and complex cases across the UK. The majority of Don’s practice has involved prosecuting serious and organised crime and substantial fraud. He regularly prosecutes lengthy, complex, multi-defendant cases.