We are delighted to welcome Eleanor Stephenson to 5SAH Chambers.  Eleanor is a British barrister specialing in international criminal law and human rights.  Eleanor joins our extradition & international team, our criminal teams and inquests & inquiries team as a door tenant.

'Eleanor is a talented and versatile barrister. Having started professional life as a successful commercial solicitor, Eleanor has seamlessly changed her emphasis to developing a practice in International Criminal and Humanitarian Law. She has already had stints working for the prosecution at the ICC and more recently has been counsel in one of the few cases before the still nascent Kosovo Tribunal. She is also involved in a variety of important pro-bono projects particularly in relation to Human Rights in China.

She is presently based in The Hague and 5SAH is delighted to forge a link with a barrister working on a variety of cutting edge cases there. In due course Eleanor hopes to develop a practice in domestic Criminal as well as Extradition Law and I am confident that 5SAH will help her achieve these aims.'

David Josse KC

Head of Chambers & specialist barrister: Extradition, human rights, international war crimes & serious crime.

Eleanor specialises in high-profile international criminal and / or human rights law and both defends and prosecutes.  Eleanor currently represents a client in a high-profile and complex case before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in the Hague. She has previously worked on the prosecution team at the International Criminal Court on the Darfur situation, and for the defence at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in relation to the 2005 bombing that killed the former Prime Minister of Lebanon.

Eleanor is adept at drafting complex arguments and working with the vast volumes of evidence that are typical of cross border cases. Alongside court work, she provides advice to NGOs and victim communities in relation to human rights abuses of minority groups in China. She prepares legal submissions and drafts correspondence on behalf of NGOs to the United Nations Special Rapporteur mechanisms in relation to the state sanctioned regime of forced organ harvesting in China. She is also involved in law reform in the UK on the issue.

Eleanor appears at the Magistrates and Crown Courts in the UK and recently acted for an Albanian defendant on a multi-handed conspiracy to supply a drug of class A at Bristol Crown Court.

Eleanor’s international and domestic criminal practice is complemented by her previous career as a commercial litigation and arbitration solicitor in private practice in London.

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