Ben Keith contributes to report by the London Advocacy Centre on Turkish Extradition cases.

London Advocacy published “A Legal Examination of Recent Extradition Proceedings about Turkish Citizens Abroad.” The report can be accessed in full here.

"London Advocacy is a non-profit company that does advocacy work on human rights education and tries to raise awareness on human rights violations worldwide. In recent years, actions of transnational repression of authoritarian regimes ramped up. Abuse of the extradition mechanism is one of the tools deployed for this purpose."

Ben Keith is a leading barrister specialising in cross-border and international cases. He deals with all aspects of Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance, Interpol and International Law including sanctions. He represents governments, political and military leaders, High Net Worth individuals, human rights defenders and business leaders in the most sensitive cases.
A specialist in political cases and those arising from corporate raiding (see recent seminar at Chatham House here).