John Oliver represented a defendant charged with conspiring to supply class A drugs. The evidence of the defendant’s involvement in drug dealing was overwhelming and accepted. 

The defendant contended that he was forced to take part in drug dealing and feared for his life.  Towards the end of the indictment period, he was viciously attacked and seriously injured. 

The defence was that he was acting under duress or was a victim of modern slavery. Following a two-week trial at Croydon Crown Court, the jury unanimously acquitted after two and a half hours' deliberation. 

John Oliver specialises in crime and extradition. John has particular experience in cases involving drugs, sexual offences (including historic allegations), serious violence and dishonesty. He has an interest in cases involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses and has been instructed in cases involving the use of intermediaries to assist defendants with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those with mental health conditions.