Amy Woolfson, instructed by Lisa Towell of Blackfords LLP, secured the acquittal of their client after raising abuse of process at Woolwich Crown Court.

The client, a middle-aged woman of good character, was charged with Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm following an incident where her husband suffered a deep bite wound to his hand. The client maintained throughout that she had acted in lawful self-defence. Following defence representations the Crown acknowledged that a trial would not be in the public interest, before changing position and asking the Crown Court to set a trial date.

Amy drafted an application for proceedings to be stayed as an abuse of process on the basis that a continued prosecution would bring justice into disrepute. The Crown were reminded of their obligations under the Code for Crown Prosecutors, in particular not to continue a prosecution in circumstances where it is highly likely that a court will stay proceedings as an abuse of process.

At a hearing before HHJ Downing to consider the defence abuse of process application, the Crown indicated that it would not be contesting the matter, opting instead to offer no evidence. HHJ Downing described Amy’s skeleton argument as: “an impressive piece of work” which was “closely and carefully argued”.

Amy defends clients in the Magistrates, Youth, and Crown Courts. Her case experience includes a wide range of offences, including violence, drugs, and fraud. She is experienced in dealing with young or otherwise vulnerable defendants. She is skilled at enabling defendants to give their best evidence.