Allister Walker recently prosecuted Patrick McDermott, 31, at Canterbury Crown Court for offences of robbery and driving whilst disqualified. 

McDermott, had used a crow-bar to gain entry into Canterbury's Hadfield jewellery store with his face covered forcing staff to flee into a backroom. He admitted the offences and was sentenced to 12 years in prison and three years on license following his release.

Recorder Weekes said:

"You are, as the prosecution has said, a professional thief and a robber.

"You and your accomplice approached the entrance to the jewelers, you put your hood up and your faces were covered.

"Thereafter you used a crowbar to smash the glass door and force your way inside.

"It is apparent to me that this would have been a truly terrifying ordeal."

CCTV showed the owners and one customer scramble to a backroom as McDermott and an unknown intruder hammered through the front door. It showed McDermott smashing two or three jewellery cases in a raid that took about a minute, and a smaller individual throwing them in a bag.

The second person still hasn't been traced however, tests revealed blood left on broken glass belonged to McDermott who admitted the crime.

Prosecutor Allistair Walker told the court the ordeal left the owners "shocked" and "jumpy" around customers.

"I felt terrified, my stomach was painful and knotted I was shocked and I cried when I got leave.

"This is the second time I was a victim to this.

The first time was eight years ago, I find myself jumpy around men in and out of the store," the victim impact statements said.

Allister Walker has twenty eight years' experience as a barrister in independent practice in Criminal Law. He has prosecuted and defended in significant cases in London, the South East and the Midlands. His practice comprises the prosecution of serious and organised crime and substantial fraud and he regularly defends in cases of murder and historic sexual assault.