5 St Andrew's Hill is recruiting for our 2020 Pupillage vacancies. The deadline for our 2020 pupillages is the 7 February 2019 at 11 am.  Please apply via the pupillage gateway which goes live from 28 November 2018.

5 St Andrew’s Hill offers two 12 month pupillages each year. We recruit through the Pupillage Portal which is now open. We run a fair selection process that aims to recruit bright candidates who also demonstrate flair and personality. The process comprises two interviews: the first includes both a general interview and a legal problem; the second takes the form of an advocacy exercise.

Chambers is a specialist multi-practice set. Although the bulk of our work is criminal, we also undertake extradition, asset recovery, family and civil law. Whilst this is a criminal pupillage, there will be opportunities for pupils to undertake part of their pupillage with pupil supervisors who practice in these other practice areas. 

The majority of the work undertaken by chambers is in the London and South East Area. 

Pupillage is usually divided into 3 periods of 4 months with 3 different pupil supervisors. 

Pupils will be paid £20,000 for the first six months with guaranteed earnings of £15,000 in the second 6 months. Pupils also receive travel costs for any travel outside of the M25 during their first 6 months. Pupils also receive travel costs for any travel outside of the M25 during their first 6 months. 

We offer a friendly, sociable and diverse working environment within a historic building with modern facilities near the Old Bailey.

5SAH has added its name to the Bar Council’s Signatories to Best Practice Guideline in relation to Third Six Pupils. Chambers looks to recruit tenants from its pupils and has a strong record of doing so.

Any queries about pupillage can be directed to the Head of the Pupillage Committee, Edward Connell.

We wish all applicants the best of luck.