At the request of Kent Police, on Friday 22nd June Tony Prosser delivered a one hour lecture and seminar on the provisions of the CPIA and associated Code and Guidelines to approximately 50 officers of the Vulnerability Investigation Team at Maidstone police station. The presentation was delivered in tandem with PC Gemma Cropper from the VIT so as to provide both a theoretical and practical guide to the application of the disclosure regime.  The lecture was attended by all ranks ranging from uniformed officers to CID accredited detectives, Detective Sergeants and Detective Inspectors. It culminated in a thoughtful and searching question and answer session as the Kent police continue to seek to deepen their training regarding disclosure in criminal investigations.

Tony is a heavy-weight criminal barrister, who has been a member of chambers for over 25 years.  Tony's work is predominantly prosecution based with an emphasis on complex casework across a broad field of crime.  He is instructed in the most serious of cases, including murder, rape, drug importation, large scale frauds, firearms, kidnapping, explosives and fatal road traffic collisions.