Watch the CBS programme “48 hours” which covers the unique circumstances of the Ann Patton case. Ann Patton was tried three times for murder in Costa Rica.  The CBS programme called 'Paradise Lost' can be viewed here and features insight into the third trial where Gary Pons of 5SAH and Stephen Baker from Baker & Partners provided assistance and advice to the Ann Patton defence team and helped secure her acquittal.

Since the third trial, the Costa Rican Appellate court has overturned the acquittal and ordered a fourth trial. That decision of the Apellate Court has been appealed and Gary Pons is instructed in relation to the appeal. 

Gary Pons is a barrister at 5SAH. He is fluent in Spanish and studied Law at the Complutense University in Madrid. He joined Ann Patton’s Defence Team for her third trial. He assisted in the preparation of the questions that Richard Eikelenboom, the technical consultant, asked the prosecution’s expert witnesses. 

Gary is a talented and dedicated barrister. His approach to cases is distinguished by its careful preparation and measured execution. Gary is ranked in Chambers and Partners as a band 3 leader in the field of POCA and Asset Forfeiture work (all circuits) and is also ranked as a band 5 leader in the field of criminal law (London Bar). 

You can read Gary's article 'a tale of a third Costa Rican murder trial' here.