David McNeill, instructed by Bill Wilson at Bankside Law, represented the only defendant to be found not guilty in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Operation Alfreton prosecution at Southwark Crown Court. Other defendants were found guilty of mis-selling shares in a Dubai healthcare business to investors. The investors lost £1.4m when the business collapsed in 2015.
The trial, which lasted 10 weeks, was one of the first large-scale financial crime cases in which all of the evidence from the prosecution and defence was presented to the jury on ipads. The case concluded on 30 November 2017.
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David McNeill is a barrister with a strong practice in fraud and serious and organised crime cases. David has built up a wide experience prosecuting and defending difficult, complex, multi-handed cases, both alone and as junior counsel. He has particular knowledge of tax, VAT and Excise, drugs, money-laundering and organised crime cases and has been instructed on a number of cases with a significant international dimension.