Barry Gibbens has been sentenced to life at Canterbury Crown Court after a jury found him guilty of 12 separate sex offences.

Mr Gibbens filmed himself raping a child and uploaded the images onto his computer. Despite the damning evidence shown to the jury the 52-year-old denied carrying out the attacks and tried to blame someone else.

Judge Simon James told Barry Gibbens that: 

“Your abuse involved you raping the child and subjecting her to a host of indignities."

“Your abuse of her was filmed and images showing her violation were then uploaded onto your computer, which had also been used to access images of other children being sexually abused.”

The judge added that the abuse had been “chilling and calculated” and Gibbens had shown a lack of remorse, demonstrated by his attempt to blame the attacks on someone else “who was entirely innocent”.

The case was prosecuted by Dominic Connolly who is an experienced criminal practitioner whose practice principally concerns serious and large-scale organised crime. He is a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Grade 4 prosecutor and is on the CPS rape and serious sexual offences list. Dominic is ranked in Chambers and Partners, as a leading individual in crime at the London Bar.