Mr Cherpin, a pub chef was sentenced to a 9-year prison sentence for the attempted murder of Mr Foley, a colleague who worked at the same pub.

On 21 April 2017, Mr Cherpin and his girlfriend had a wild night of excess after drinking and taking cocaine together at the pub where they all worked together after a lock-in turned sour.  

Mr Cherpin tried to bludgeon to death his friend Mr Foley, after finding him naked on the top floor of the pub with his girlfriend. 

Kevin Dent, prosecuting, said Cherpin, his girlfriend of eight years and Mr Foley had drunk “a large amount of alcohol” and taken cocaine during the lock-in, which started after the pub closed at 3am. 

“Both Mr Foley and Ms Jackson ended up in a state of some undress on the top floor of the pub,” he said. “The defendant believed Ms Jackson and Mr Foley had been together in some kind of sexual encounter.”

Mr Dent said Cherpin repeatedly asked officers: “Is he dead?”, adding: “I hope so, I meant to kill him.”

Mr Cherpin, a French national had travelled from France to London to be with his girlfriend, whom he had hoped to marry.

Mr Cherpin admitted the offence of attempted murder and was sentenced to 9 years' imprisonment.

Judge Jeremy Donne QC said:

“You had undoubtedly experienced a high level of provocation by finding your girlfriend, a woman you intended to marry, who you considered to be the centre of your life, semi-naked with a naked man on top of her.”

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