Kevin Dent and David McNeill, prosecuting at the Old Bailey, have secured convictions against the 3 main defendants involved in the money laundering of £430,000.

The case involved Jack Newbury, a reality TV star from Woking, who starred in Channel 4's Coach Trip, allegedly agreed to safeguard some money stolen from a wealthy victim by a con man who was posing as a policeman.

Victims of the fraud were persuaded to transfer large sums of cash into bank accounts after they were told that their accounts had been targeted by fraudsters. The money was then laundered by various people, through various streams and bank accounts.

Summarising the case, the prosecutor told jurors: "These defendants have been involved in processing or laundering a combined total of £430,000 worth of criminal property from four different frauds.

"As a consequence of their actions £430,000 worth of victims' money was gone, dissipated, scattered like the wind, well and truly lost."

3 of the main perpetrators of the money laundering have been found guilty at the Old Bailey.

Kevin has built up a wealth of experience over 20 years in fraud and serious crime and is often instructed as leading counsel. The core of Kevin’s practice is fraud, revenue evasion, money laundering, and healthcare frauds.  Kevin is often instructed in multi-million-pound fraud cases involving large volumes of complex material calling upon Kevin’s keen eye for detail.

David is a barrister with a strong practice in fraud and serious and organised crime cases. David has built up a wide experience prosecuting and defending difficult, complex, multi-handed cases, both alone and as junior counsel. He has particular knowledge of tax, VAT and Excise, drugs, money-laundering and organised crime cases and has been instructed on a number of cases with a significant international dimension.