Lisa Murphy, 39, from Wootton, Northampton, and Violet Smith, 29, from Slough, Berkshire, admitted blackmailing former England rugby star, Danny Cipriani. The dancers worked together at a gentleman's club called Junction 9 and admitted blackmailing Cipriani, between September and October 2015.

Ms Murphy had aborted Cipriani's baby in the summer of 2015, after a casual relationship with the rugby star and when she ran into health and financial difficulties in the months following, she asked Cipriani for more money.

Ciprani had offered money but failed to provide the financial support and Ms Murphy enlisted the help of Ms Smith, threatening Cipriani that they would sell the story to the press.

The case was heard by Judge Peter Lodder who sentenced Ms Murphy and Ms Smith to a 22-month sentence, suspended for two years'.  

Wendy Hewitt appeared for the prosecution.  Ms Murphy and Miss Smith pleaded guilty on Monday 6 February 2017, and were sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on 7 February 2017.