Daniel Jones prosecutes Ms Rungay at Southwark Crown Court after she stole nearly £100,000 from her employer. Ms Rungay admitted the offence on 15 December 2016 and was given a suspended sentence of one year and eight months.  The case was reported in the Daily Mail Online.

Ms Rungay acted as a life coach on instagram and gave the money she stole from her employer to others.

Judge Jones made the following remarks when sentencing her: 

"She might have looked at herself a a sort of Robin Hood type figure."

"You were in a desperate situation at that time. Much of the money was spent on others, I think to make yourself feel better, but that is to your credit."

Judge Jones told Rungay if she offended again in that two years she should be "in no doubt at all" that she would be sent to prison.

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