Mark Smith, a barrister in the ‚Äč5SAH Extradition Team, secured the discharge of Mr Szekely on the grounds of proportionality and Article 8. Mr Szekely was wanted in the Czech Republic for allegedly falsely reporting his own bag as stolen - an offence akin to wasting police time. The offence would most likely have resulted in a fine in the UK, yet, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, Mr Szekely had served over 3 months in UK custody awaiting his extradition, with Serco twice failing to produce him at court. Ordering Mr Szekely's discharge, District Judge Blake commented that he had had "a ‚Äčlamentable history through the justice system in this country" but that "the court is grateful to Mr Mark Smith who brought this matter to my attention a few days ago and I was able to arrange an expedited hearing of this request".