Prosecuted by Gary Pons, the defendant Janette Kilner pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

The complainant was 16 years old. He attended the St Thomas Apostle School where the defendant was his drama teacher. Their relationship progressed beyond the boundaries of a proper teacher pupil relationship. Miss Kilner provided him with her private email address and her phone number. They sent each other text messages and emails that were flirtatious and clearly sexual in their nature.

She made arrangements to pick him up in her car outside of school hours and it was during these car journeys that matters progressed. The defendant drove him around and then stopped so that she could kiss him.

In the beginning of July he met her in a park by Surrey Quays. She drove him to her house. She wanted him to go upstairs to her bedroom. He said no initially because he did not have a condom. The defendant said it was okay. They went upstairs and had sexual intercourse.

This all came to light because the complainant told two of his friends. These two friends in turn told a teacher and the police were informed

The defendant was arrested on 27th July 2013. She was interviewed and she admitted kissing him on five occasions and having sexual intercourse with him. She would pick him up in her car and drive him to local places, kiss him and then take him home. She admitted have sex with strangers in the street and that this put him at risk if sexually transmitted diseases.

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