Andrea Madden attacked her partner Royce Ali with a knife on 29th January 2012. They were living together at the time, with his son Grant Macquillan. An argument developed on that day; it was mainly Andrea and Grant who were involved. They ended up shouting and swearing at each other. Ms Madden became very upset at the way Grant was speaking to her, and she complained to Royce Ali about it. She continued to complain after Grant had left the house to pick up his girlfriend. Royce asked her to stop, but she did not. He then said you might as well go now, go on get out. This angered her. She grabbed a razor sharp knife from the knife block and attacked Mr Ali, stabbing out with her right hand. She did this on a number of occasions. Mr Ali tried to stop her but she kept on coming. He tried to grab the knife but she stabbed him near his left elbow and close to his right armpit. He eventually got the knife off her causing an injury to the palm of his hand where he had grabbed the blade. She backed off and he told her to call an ambulance because he could see blood coming from his chest and arm where he had been stabbed. Andrea Madden grabbed the phone, but rather than calling for an ambulance, she said she would call the police. She went upstairs and Mr Ali could hear her saying he has attacked me.

Mr Ali was taken to Kings College Hospital, where he received treatment for the deep 2cm wound to the right armpit, the deep ragged 7cm wound to his left elbow and the cut to his palm.

Police officers attended the address and arrested the defendant Andrea Madden. She was taken to the Police Station. At the police station she was interviewed and she said she had acting in lawful self defence.

Gary Pons was prosecution counsel and the defendant was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.