Date: Wednesday 16th June 2021
Time: 17:30
Venue: Remote via Zoom link - Registration Required
Speakers: Andrew Bird QC, Barnaby Hone, Aidan Larkin

Webinar: Reacting to International Restraint Orders

Discussing different responses to Restraint Orders which cover assets outside the UK.

  • The panel will be looking at the range of responses to restraint orders in relation to international assets. This will include looking at repatriation orders, and orders that are recognised in other jurisdictions.
  • Examining how these can be challenged and how they can be complied with, without the asset being repatriated.
  • The panel will also discuss a number of case studies, to show how this works in practice. 
  • Andrew Bird QC and Barnaby Hone, barristers from 5SAH Chambers and experts in relation to all aspects of Proceeds of Crime law. 
  • Aidan Larkin, an expert in asset management will discuss how assets can be managed in and outside the UK in a way that is acceptable to the prosecution and the defence. 

About the Presenters:

Andrew Bird QC is a specialist in white-collar crime, civil and criminal asset forfeiture, and civil and public law proceedings which overlap with the criminal process. For many years Andrew has been a specialist in criminal confiscation, including restraint, receivership and other enforcement. Most recently he has conducted the confiscation and enforcement proceedings (and resisting a third-party claimant appeal) for two FCA investigations involving multiple-victim fraud. 

Barnaby Hone is a barrister with specialist expertise in all types of asset recovery and financial crime. He is ranked in Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 for his knowledge within POCA, asset recovery, and forfeiture.  Barnaby writes the chapters on International Asset Recovery and Terrorism Finance for Millington and Sutherland Williams on POCA and recently completed a series of seminars and articles on changes to POCA under the Criminal Finance Act 2017.

Aidan Larkin is an experienced asset recovery practitioner & international seized asset manager.
As a former criminal investigator, Aidan is fully aware of the challenges facing international asset recovery efforts (with only 1% of proceeds of crime estimated to be seized globally) and he co-founded Asset Reality to build a solution to deal with seized assets (including crypto assets) more effectively. This enables better compensation for victims, funding of law enforcement and increasing revenue for civil society. From managing and selling seized assets, to developing infrastructure and consulting with public sector bodies, Asset Reality provides an end-to-end solution for the asset recovery sector.