Date: Thursday 25th October 2012
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: 5 St Andrew's Hill, EC4V 5BZ
Speakers: Amelia Nice, Mary Westcott
CPD Points: 2

Event Overview

On the 25th Amelia Nice and Mary Westcott will discuss some of the most recent developments in extradition law, paying particular attention to how these new approaches can be used in practice.

Amelia Nice will discuss the legal and practical impact of the Supreme Court decision HH et al[2012] 25 and then assess what constitutes a good Article 8 arguments, and how best to argue it.

Having conducted numerous cases concerning the validity of European Arrest Warrants and extradition requests, Mary Westcott will give an overview of what information is that must be in a warrant and cover some of the controversies surrounding "eking out" defecting warrants which give rise to more creative arguments.

Topics to be covered will include

The Extradition Act 2003

  • Section 2
  • Section 17
  • Section 21

The European Convention of Human Rights

  • Article 5
  • Article 8